Fashion model week Europe.

fashion model week

What can have a fashion and wedding shoot in common? Beautiful women to start with. Dresses. And photographers of course.

fashion model week

Photograph weddings is completely different from a fashion shooting. What is a bonus for a wedding photographer from these kind of sessions is the experience how to deliver to high end clients who love fashion, read luxury magazines about it and can see themselves in those kind of images.

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Brides who browse google pages with fashion in mind for their wedding pictures will for sure rank you higher among other photographers if you ever shot a successful fashion imagery for other clients.

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fashion model weekThis shooting was organized by my friend Zuzana. She is a young designer who’s skills and talent had been noticed at many international fashion shows around the world. The first day sessions took place in Liberec. Amazing small Czech town with unique architecture, filled with spas and of course the largest Technical University in Europe for Textile engineering and design. Some of their specialties are also nano fibrous materials.

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Despite the cold winter temperatures during our rooftop shootings we managed to capture the whole collection in one day and were happy to move to Prague for next sessions there.

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