Fearless photographers awards

Fearless photographers awards picture

Fearless photographers awards have been around for only couple of years. They represent one of the highest recognitions in wedding photography. Thousands of photographers are trying to capture a moment which will have a strong emotional impact on the viewer plus has the edge of a fearless photographers approach.  I am so glad to announce that my first fearless reward is given to image from near Whistler located Garibaldi provincial park, with the bride at Panorama ridge. This was afull day shoot when I was carrying the camera gear and the bride her dress all the way to the top of the mountain. Amazing location, difficult lighting and brave pose made this work. I ripped my shorts of during the shoot when I felt in the steep slope couple times before I got this shot but the fun we had, great views and good time we experienced was already rewarding. Thank you to Fearless photographers for a great recognition and let’s shoot another fearless picture soon.