Gastown engagement pictures

Gastown engagement pictures

Before we get to these back alleys with Megan and Justin let’s start from the beginning and how the early morning Gastown engagement pictures started.

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Justin was sitting at the waterfront station lobby sipping his coffee and talking listening to Megan when I spotted them there. Their big day is going to be next year at my favourite golf course – Furry creek country club. They wanted to have a engagement portrait session in completely different environment than scenic nature style of their venue so when we discussed it Gastown in Vancouver downtown was a perfect match.

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I simply love to look for something new around here. The light is always tricky to shoot here but that is a bonus so the images will not look the same way like previous sessions.

w_5PP8096 w_5PP8095 Gastown engagement pictures

I kept the whole shoot in a very relaxed atmosphere and we simply walked from one corner to another and when I saw an interesting light and opportunity for a great portrait we photographed again.

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Weekends here can get busy with tourists so we started early. This way we were enjoying empty streets and great sunny day light. So happy guys had shades around.

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If you are interested in brick walls, Hollywood movie’s style back-lanes and simply great atmosphere then Gastown is here for you.

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So we ended up the whole session with a muscle car in one of those creepy looking sceneries from Fast and Furious and I find these images cool.

w_5PP8244 Gastown engagement pictures Gastown engagement pictures Gastown engagement pictures

And my Fuji X-E1 got a chance once again to prove how great can BW and vintage style pics can look from it compare to my Nikon gear. Love this small cute camera for engagements.

w_1PP3393 w_1PP3396 w_1PP3407 w_1PP3412 Gastown engagement pictures

You guys rocked this session in really chilled style and I am looking forward to photograph your at Furry creek venue next year. Another story, another great day like this one… Enjoy