PWPC wedding photography contest

PWPC wedding photography contest

PWPC wedding photography contest

Couple January wedding shows behind us, so I had a chance to relax by doing something more fun. I became a judge for PWPC wedding photography contest

I had been contacted by Igor Pavlov couple weeks back if I wanted to be one of the three judges for this 2015 Winter wedding photography contest organized by Professional Wedding Photographers Canada. So here I was sitting at my desktop and staring on hundreds of images from all over Canada. The contest is open to members only, and it is one of my favourite for wedding photography contests besides to the Fearless Photographers.

As you can see my future photography assistant was staring with me sitting on my lap and commenting brides dresses. No kidding, Sofia is 3, and she went to see us to one of the Downtown wedding shows last weekend, and what got her attention the most was the bridal show with dresses and the next door DJ booth with LED dancing floor…

This was a great round of PWPC wedding photography contest, I am positive you will enjoy the winner, some of the images were absolutely world class. This was such a fun experience I am completely in for the next rounds.

If you have not had a chance to find your wedding photographer for your wedding day, I strongly recommend to check any of the above mentioned websites for wedding photographers and you will be amazed what can be done when the talented people photograph your big day.

I am not allowed to publish any images so check the winners once they are announced on the PWPC website next month.


Happy shooting to all of you guys with the cameras in your hands and thank you Igor for allowing me to be part of this PWPC wedding photography contest. It was my pleasure.


Jozef Povazan

Vancouver wedding photographer