Stanley park bicycle engagement

Stanley park bicycle engagement

Stanley park bicycle engagement

If you think you have already seen these guys faces on our wedding blog then you are right. Stanley park bicycle engagement session was second out of 4 photo session Milan and Lucia booked with us. The idea of 4 photo shoots started in summer with Sunset beach fun, and then this fall biking action in Vancouver took place in October. The warm up portraits took place at Coal Harbour, and then we rode our bikes slowly towards Totem park in Stanley park. Fun, love, laugh were in the air as you can see bellow. The crazy twist of this story happened shortly after we got there. Just scroll down towards the images with bikes and read further.

stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2215 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2227 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2231 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2251 Stanley park bicycle engagement stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2271 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2274 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2296 Stanley park bicycle engagement stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2308 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2319 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2359 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2372 Stanley park bicycle engagement stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2414 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2417 Stanley park bicycle engagement

Ater we finished jumping around Totems and Milan and Lucia went to change to biking outfits, I have realized one of my flashes was missing. Luckily, the location where we stopped before was quite close and when I got there on my bike I found the flash on the grass where I left it couple minutes back. That was the luck of the day. The next part was not that happy. We got on our bikes and started to photograph couple simple compositions how they circled around me. Meanwhile I left my mountain bike under a tree with Milan and Lucia backpack under it. We had maybe a 10 minute shoot and guess what happened next…

stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2509 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2525 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2564 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2596

When we got back to my bike, their backpack with all their clothing which you can see at the beginning of this shoot was gone, together with their phones, wallets, credit cards, car keys – simply everything. Lucia spotted a guy who was sitting close to us while we were working but none of us even thought something like this could happen with so many tourists walking around us. Then I remembered a story of a wedding photographer who’s camera bag was stolen from Stanley park during the wedding session just couple weeks before. I was lucky that I keep my gear around me all the time, and plus my bike has special clip pedals which are hard to use unless you have dedicated bike shoes so the thief did not steal it just the backpack. As soon as we saw one of the missing shoes which had to fall of the bag when the thief ran away, I asked Lucia to stay there with my gear and me and Milan got on our bikes and went two different directions to look for the guy with the stolen backpack. I drove all the way to downtown and Milan was cruising Stanley park trails. Nothing. No sign of the guy. Then another biker stopped at us and when he heard the story he started to search as well with us. We called the police but just because we could not give them any detailed description of the man, they could not help us at all. I felt really sorry for them.

stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2614 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2641 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2643 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2667

The time was running out very quickly and we had to think what to do next. I had my cell phone on me so we were dialling stolen phone numbers from it and biking around if we can hear the ringing somewhere, but again no luck. The night was approaching so we decided to call our friend and she dropped us another set of keys from their car so we could get back home. Just because we could not do the shooting I offered the couple another session this time, with no backpacks just bikes and us 🙂

stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2678 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2693 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2762 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2770 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2817 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2820 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2828 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2843 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2855 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2877 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2904 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2913 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2928 stanley-park-bike-engagement_4PP2946 stanley-park-bike-engagement_6PP5834 stanley-park-bike-engagement_6PP5855

In two days we returned to the park and experienced an amazing sunny day filled with great light. Guys were still a bit sad about the stolen stuff but almost all of it could be replaced so they let it go with a smile on their faces. I bet that once when they look at these images in 50 years time they will laugh and tell they story to their grandchildren  as it was the best fun ever. Thank you for great attitude Milan and Lucia. Can not wait to shoot session #3 at Whistler skiing session in February 2014.