Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding in Richmond BC was for myself and my wife Maria a great experience. We had done East Indian weddings before but none of them was at Shia Muslim Community Centre. And just because the traditions this wedding took place during two days and at two different locations I have decided to split this post to two single events. Why? Well the amount of beautiful images with this fun to work couple would be a shame not to display. Enjoy.

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Bride leaving parents house is a tradition which is very similar for many religions and cultures. Shahzia contacted me last year if I would be available to photograph her wedding day and she had a special request right at the beginning. She needed two photographers. Being more precise besides myself she needed Maria my wife to cover her female ceremony where I was not allowed. Despite our newborn son and all the logistics around him being sick on the weekend of the shoot we managed everything and here is a selection of the images how the day went from the getting ready shots of the bride all the way to night formals session at Canada Place.

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The first time I had a chance to meet the groom who was from Quebec, was when Maria disappeared with bride behind the ladies entrance of the mosque and I walked into gentleman part. And just to make it even more curios, the ceremony started and no one has pointed me who the groom was. Man sitting and praying around the main preacher, and I was just waiting for a sign who is the man. It did not take a long time and the main door opened and two young men walked in. So now it became clear that the best man and groom entered the place. Now which one was it. The MC helped me a big way when he pointed out the groom was in blue.

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And when the main ceremony was over, we hit the road and headed to Vancouver gas-town for some creative portrait session. We were slightly behind with the schedule but we had a beautiful light to work with. Love the late evening sessions, so much diversity and techniques can be used at that time.

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And when the dusk took over the sky despite the local security guard who asked us to stop shooting due to a permit restrictions at the Harbour Tower we had an amazing evening behind us. And the images? Well, judge them as you wish, we really enjoyed those minutes out there.

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Thank you Shahzia and Mohamed for being so easy going couple. Your wedding reception images and second formal session from False creek will be available for you soon here.

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