Ballerina bride style pictures

Ballerina bride style pictures

Ballerina bride style pictures

Today I am posting for you something a bit different. Ballerina bride style pictures from my last week photo shoot. The idea of this whole session was to photograph a ballerina with a bit of bridal approach outdoor. Well do you remember last week rain? My cameras do, trust me, they were soaking wet when we finished this. But first we started indoor with three light setup and some easy portraits.

Ballerina bride style pictures Ballerina bride style pictures w_4PP8112 Ballerina bride style pictures

Elaine had had her amazing hair style and make-up done since the morning so we were hoping it is going to last till we finish late in the evening downtown. We had three dresses to work with and believe us none of us wanted to go outside in that kind of wind and rain we could see through windows.

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These last four session I photographed were combination of fashion, bridal and scenic styles. It was a great warm up start for this year weddings and from your reactions I got a good feeling people liked it a lot.

Ballerina bride style pictures Ballerina bride style pictures w_4PP8322 w_4PP8327 w_4PP8344 Ballerina bride style pictures

I love to work outside and photograph whatever the nature throws at me. But when we were done with the last dress I kind of did not feel to get our there. Well Elaine was wearing only a simple silky outfit but she bravely said let’s go and that was it. We were moving to downtown to finish what we started. Night scenery shots in rain.

w_4PP8539 w_4PP8598 w_4PP8607 w_4PP8665

When I say rainy windy night, then I mean a nasty rainy windy one. The umbrella we tried to use for couple shots was put away very soon and we only used overhangs of the buildings to hide from the storm. I admit it was easy to shoot in the streets because they were empty. Just couple cab’s drivers who were watching us thinking crazy people. When my camera was soaking wet we decided to move to a different location close to Olympic cauldron. This night it was lit in red colour and I really liked it.

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Because of the chilli weather we had to work quite fast. Elaine had some heat-packs on her but still I did not want her to get sick. And we got a help. The God decided to help us. The rain and wind had stopped for couple minutes and we could capture these amazing wedding style ballerina pictures in the night.

Thank you Elaine for being brave and patient at the same time. I hope you enjoyed the session despite the cold day.