Wedding album sample

Wedding album sample

Thank you for taking time to read this blog post about wedding albums. By the way, if you are reading this, there must be a certain connection between you and wedding albums, am I right. Either you are a bride to be / sorry guys if I mentioned ladies first / or you just got married and the questions about wedding albums are ringing in your ears. Well, I was thinking what could help you to decide if you would like to have an album from you wedding done, if you are going to do it on your  own, or you ask your photographer to create the design for you, and last but not the least, which company to choose from for the final look of your dream book.

Today I will start with a different approach. I will show you my latest album design which I created for my client, and after that we will go through couple cons and pros how to choose a wedding album from so many choices available to you these days.

Wedding album sample

What you can see here are pages from 32 page square style album. The first page is a single page starting on the right, which means the opposite page is a blank one. This is called right side starting album. Then you will have 15 spreads, and the last page is again single, and it will be on the left side of the design. The album our clients adore is Finao from New York, and their wedding books are absolutely amazing. More details later.

Wedding album sample Wedding album sample b006-007 Wedding album sample b010-011 Wedding album sample

Wedding album sampleWedding album sample b018-019 Wedding album sample Wedding album sample Wedding album sample b026-027b028-029 b030-031 Wedding album sampleThe whole album runs in chronological order and shows the day from the beginning with getting ready shots from The Fairmont hotel, then ceremony and formals pictures, and then finaly reception and party time back at the Fairmont Vancouver hotel. If you look at single spreads, the images are being edited so they are in balance with another on the same page. There should be a certain style showed in your editing and also in the layout. Here I chosen to go simple with a clean modern layout backed up with gentle photo retouching of the prints. Combination of B&W and colour images is also something you should keep in mind. Our brides and grooms are always being advised which image is going to look at its best in which type of editing.

The actual images were chosen by my clients and I have also a different album from this day which I chosen for our studio as a wedding album sample. There is more images from the beginning and the ed of the day to emphasize the stretched length of the day even more.

Before we proceed any further with description of our albums company and some of its best competitors most of you are probably thinking, well but I can do an album on my own. And yes you are right. Album design is pretty much expression of what you feel is going to look the best to your eye. But let me tell, this process looks easier to write then to actually do it. The modern software most of the professional uses specifically for this purpose can be hardly beaten by a person who does not have designing skills and experience. It is time consuming part of the last stage for the wedding photographers to prepare an amazing final product for their clients. Starting with retouching, organizing and styling of the whole book. And last but not the least, either it is not a cheap solution to have an album done by photography studio, believe me as a regular joe you will never have an access to the type of album products like we have. This is what we do. For sure we cannot beat walmart pricing for you but believe us, if you spent so much time, effort and money on your wedding day celebration, you do not want to have some average prints and albums done from it. That is like buying yourself an amazing racing car and at at same time putting some really low quality tires on it. The quality matters! Believe me, every on every anniversary of your big day you will love to open your wedding album crafted with attention to details from pro’s who believe in what they are doing is worth every cent. And you know for yourself what it means to have a good experience with a quality product these days. So why to hide your beautiful wedding images in a shoe box when you can have an amazing home display of your book available for your family and friends for decades to come. I simply had to take my time and describe you how we see printed art products, which are made with quality and uniqueness in mind since the first minute we start to work with you. No hard feeling, you are still loved the same way even if you love scrapbooks. We love them too, and we also love our stylish modern books which will emphasize your wedding pictures way more than a nice scrapbook 🙂

The final album was 10×10 for the client, with black leather cover. Looks absolutely amazing with tis flush mount pages, and metallic printing of the images. You can also have your images have printed traditional way, but metallic prints looks more vibrant and contrast, and they are excellent choice for modern style of brides like Nicole is. If you look at her images the priority of her pictures are from family portrait session and then bridal party having fun at Coal Harbour and Vancouver Olympic Cauldron pictures finalize the epic look of it for them.

Why do we like Finao albums?

The company has absolutely great books styles and covers to start with. Our samples from them include over 100 styles of cover materials – leather and non leather one. The printing is done by PRO labs for them and customer service rocks. And it is important to mention the fact that even during the peak season they stay on time with their order lineups.

Before we chosen them, we had also looked at these other album companies and we believe many of which have amazing products as well. For us simply Finao from New York has the edge and we and our clients really love what we are getting from them. By the way, even their packaging is superb.

So here is a list of other album companies which we looked at  in no particular order:

1. Renassaince Albums

2. Queensbery Albums

3. AsukaBook

4. La-vie album

5. GraphiStudio

6. Leather Craftsmen

7. CoutureBook


9. Forbeyon

10. Zookbinders