Groomsmen in action

As simple as it gets, here are ten random images of our grooms in action fooling at the wedding day in Vancouver area. Some of their stunts could be easy rewarded and some are just priceless. Enjoy.

1. Deer lake park, Vancouver fun time. The wedding formals for these guys were almost over and we were about to return to reception when I spotted a great spot for them to jump straight over my head. If you ask right group to do a stunt like this you get a reward in this kind of priceless action shot.


2. Fort Langley, BC wedding. After a morning rain the sky has cleared out for the afternoon and the groomsmen shots of man in black style could take a place at one of the most antique looking locations in Vancouver area.


3. Fort Langley, BC wedding. Same group of guys from previous image but this time they played a role from famous The Beast and Beauty with a flower girl. Location was an old barn with smell of the last century and really low light.


4. Richmond country club reception, Vancouver  – groom and groomsmen hitting the dance floor at traditional jewish wedding dance followed be groom and bride lifted on chairs in the air.


5. Langley, BC park formals. When it comes to crazy brave expressions these two guys hit it right on. This night lasted long and bridesmaids were even more sassy than groomsmen.
6. White rock, Vancouver, BC. Getting ready shots in a hotel room turned into the arm wrestling race and because the beer cans were not hidden very well I believe the bride got a good idea what was going on during our photo shoot there.
7. Queen Elizabeth park, Vancouver. One of the best venues for wedding and formal session in Vancouver is famous worldwide and Singapore couple with their friends had chosen it exactly for this reason to have a priceless memories captured at such a great location. Groomsmen chilling after the ceremony.
8. Surrey, BC, Vancouver. When you are young you feel immortal and when there is more of you, all of you want to feel that way. Check these guys heros well hidden under they wedding shirts until they revealed it in front of our cameras. Honestly we had no idea what they were up to. Great idea.
9. Surrey, BC, Vancouver. Certain moments do not need words. Bride walking in for the jehovah witness wedding ceremony and check the expression of the guys specially the last one.
10. Surrey, BC, Vancouver. The last shot of the guys in the park before they got into a limo and drove away for the reception party. You can really feel energy of youth shining in their faces. And you should see the dancing party later on. Great wedding 🙂 LOL
Groomsmen are sometimes being overlooked at the weddings but these guys are capable of commitments towards the photographers that can be a shocker or laughter for the girls once spotted. It is one of the most stressful days for some of people but it should not. Enjoy your wedding day as much as you can. Love is all over the place and a laugh and fun will just spice it up. Thank you to all of you who share their genuine smiles in front our cameras. You are well appreciated and we are honored to be your wedding photographers. And for you who are just going to tie the know in near future, do not forget everywhere you go always take the weather with you and drink lot of water all day long to stay fresh 🙂 The day is long.