Sunshine coast wedding time-lap of the bride and groom formals.


The Half-moon Bay park and Welcome beach views were a perfect choice for Tamara and Ryan Sunshine coast wedding. The weather was as good as it can get, warm not too hot, sunny but not dry and trees around offered a pleasant shade whenever it was needed. The ceremony took a place at lunch time so the harsh light was a bit challenge for our cameras but that is a part of what we do – conquer the challenge the best way possible. Guys had a great candid style wedding, with real priceless moments filling the day so I decided to make a fusion of time-lap and slideshow to show you their wedding formals in 3 minutes. And that includes family, friends and couples formals  mixed together. 2 hour shooting in 3 minutes.

Here comes nature and – Tamara and Ryan.

Half-moon bay Sunshine coast wedding by Povazan Photography from Jozef Povazan on Vimeo.

The photos for this time-lap slideshow were captured by three different cameras during this big day. My second photographer was making sure he captured the candid shots of the guests when I was taking care of the bride and groom from close distances. Sometimes even a single photographer can record the whole celebration without missing most important moments, but to capture all the guests it is always nice to have an assistant around me.

Well there is more to this wedding so I will be back with more images from it soon. And the fresh made local ice-cream and the fruit wedding cake are still on my mind guys.

Sunshine coast has its charm, and even though we shoot mostly here in Vancouver, I am looking forward to our next beach wedding here.