Vancouver sunset engagement

Vancouver sunset engagement-Kitsilano beach.

Here is my promised Vancouver sunset engagement part 2 from the Kitsilano beach. Jon and Sheila met me at the same place like we photographed their engagement on bikes. They dressed up nice casual-modern way and left the bikes behind for this late photo session.

Vancouver sunset engagement

The idea was very simple. Create romantic looking pictures with the sunset as a main backdrop. If you are a photographer then you know without a light there is no image. You also know how hard it can be to wait for that perfect light to appear in the sky. Believe me, when we got to the Kitsilano beach, the sunset just started and the shot you can see above was one of the very first we captured that night. The spectacular sunset at its best. Every bride loves pictures like these and it is just a matter of nature and being ready for it, so you can capture that magic moment.
vancouver-sunset-engagement Vancouver sunset engagement

The timing was crucial for us. If we came just 10 minutes later we would missed the golden hour and the Vancouver sunset engagement with the sun setting behind the horizon would be over. I do not like to change lenses on the wedding day and all my cameras have a special purpose lens attached to them. If you ask me why, then this is a perfect example. I do not want to miss any of this beauty so some of the shots were created by using a long telephoto lens and another with my extreme wide angle lens. Completely different optics and the results from both of the are priceless. Pro glass pays back very quickly. Thank you Nikon 🙂

vancouver-engagement-pictures-kitsilano-beach-sunset_5PP2505 Vancouver sunset engagement vancouver-sunset-engagement

The posing for the groom and bride can be sometimes a tough job to do. They are sometimes scared, insecure how they are going to look and afraid that they are doing it wrong. Are they really? Look at Jon and Sheila. Do they look stiff? How many practices they had before this session? None. We just went out and had fun. My advice to every couple is, be yourself. Enjoy the moment, and feel it. If there can be something improved in your pose, we will coach you how to do it. No big deal. Do not they look great? Because they knew what they wanted and listened when they got an advice from me, they did it. Excellent attitude and drive to have it created these amazing images full of emotions. It can be that simple 🙂

Vancouver sunset engagement vancouver-sunset-engagement vancouver-sunset-engagement

I am a photography geek. When there is a moment which can be captured different way then you could see before sign me in. Well, sometimes I might need and extra hand or two to carry all my lights, stands, soft-boxes, tripods or lenses around but when my assistant is not around the grooms help is more then welcome. Thank you Jon for doing a caddy for me, you did a great job 🙂 My second shooter will help you out at the wedding day. Just kidding.

Vancouver sunset engagement and how it can look when B&W is back in the business. I love black and white post processing. Not because I studied art of BW photography in the UK, but I simply adore the simplicity of it. This picture looks great even in the color. Black and white version simply nailed it better.

vancouver-sunset-engagement vancouver-sunset-engagement

We had a great time together and once the darkness took over the sky, and this Vancouver sunset engagement session was about to finish I have spotted the open doors of the local washrooms on the top of the Kitsilano park. Guess what? Of course I had to get this good night shot for them. As I said before, be ready and when the moment comes get the job done and capture something what no one else did before. Unique, edgy, fun. This is how I describe my wedding photography style and that is why I am not afraid to send the bride and the groom to pose for me to the washrooms. Do not they look cute? Thank you for visiting. JP – Vancouver wedding photographer.

Vancouver sunset engagement