Girl and horse – Alyssa and Toffee

The pre wedding session in Squamish, BC with our latest couple had a little surprise. A horse. And not just a regular horse but a beautiful sporty Toffee. And that would not be possible without Alyssa, Toffee’s rider and her sister Kristianna. Thank you for your help.

girl and horse at squamish pre wedding session

All these images were created at multiple locations in Squamish, BC. By the way Sea to sky highway is very popular for our wedding clients so to have a chance to take pictures of the wedding couple with this horse was really appreciated.

Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse in Squamish

The pre wedding session started early in the morning with the couple catching up the first morning sun rays at local park. These shots showed in this article were captured later in the afternoon as a special request from Lisa. She had a dream idea to have pictures taken above the highway with alpine meadows flowers around her. Once she had her make up and hair done we started with the golden hour lighting her and the horse with amazing tones.

Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse

These images shows the beauty of the west-coast country with in late evening light. I would not hesitate to advice these spots to any of my brides and grooms. Specially the next which Lisa showed us was absolutely stunning for wedding shots. She liked the trees over the old road but what I was able to capture added to that location that extra unique punch. The light. It is all about the light and when last sun hit the tree branches above us I knew I will be very pleased with this session.

Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse Girl and horse

And of-course the horsy. It would not be without her if she did not cooperate and Toffee was great. She had some hesitating moments in the morning when she was getting bored with our wedding couple but as soon as she was able to go for a spin with Alyssa, she became a new breed. Happy horse who sometimes even blinked to my Nikon flashes just to fool around with me. Thank you one more time for a great day girls.