Wedding couple with horse.

Bride and groom and a beautiful horse with Stawamus Chief behind them. Do you find this romantic? If you were a Vancouver wedding couple with horse, would you love to have this kind of picture from your pre-wedding photography session?

Vancouver wedding couple and horse

How many of you just thought this is a composite / or faked / image of a wedding couple with horse Photoshopped and edited? The answer is no, you are wrong. This photo was captured this last weekend at Squamish, BC and here is a short story with some great pictures of this young couple.

wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse

Let me start with the horse. Her name is Toffee. A beautiful creature with such an innocent look in her big eyes. I have created a post about her and her rider Alyssa who was so good to us and helped us make this kind of before the wedding portrait session with Paul and Dominika possible. wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0482 wedding couple with horse

If you are getting married and ask me just one question what I would suggest you for your formals session then the answer would be: Great light. It is all about the light in photography and trust me the magic can be done with it. That is why we started to shoot at the local campground park in the morning before the sun got too harsh.

wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse

The romantic posing was replaced with candid photojournalistic shots of this young couple. They smiled, giggled and laughed on their own. They simply enjoyed the time with the horse and forgot about me. Look at their faces. Love is in the air. Priceless. That is the ultimate goal. Every engaged couple who wants to have great pictures from their day should forget about the whole world and enjoy themselves during the photography session.

wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse

Well, I know what some of you are saying. But we want those cool classy posed wedding pictures like everyone else. There is nothing easier then show you how it can be done. Paul is a former hockey player. You think he knew how to balance his body without a hockey stick? Just kidding. Well we couched them body language and how to move for those kind of images. Admit it or not, they are very important and even though I love wedding photojournalism. At Vancouver wedding photographers websites you can see variations of candid, posed and you name it shots. It all depends what you like. Not everyone taste is the same!

vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0616 wedding couple with horse wedding couple with horse vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0647 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0650

What ever you do as a wedding photographer, make sure your client is not getting bored. I usually mix in between a posed sessions some fun, action games. This time we had a groom to be Paul running on horse around and bride was simply pretending to play a princess or wild flamenco dancer. Either way these candid pictures of them is very popular approach of mine and these kind of pictures look so real and relaxed. Plus it is fun to do them.

vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0689 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0715 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0726 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0746 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0754 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0758 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0761 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0768 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP0770

Every bride is different. If the sassy look is your thing then we shoot more boudoir style wedding shots. When romance such wedding couple with horse is more appealing then you better get a horse 🙂 Be yourself and let me capture your emotions the way they really happened. Photography is a beautiful profession. I love to work with people. Kids, young or older couples does not matter. My daughter is only 2 years old and you should see how much fun we have with her 🙂 Oh boy, let me wait when she shows up with her fiance and ask me – dad can I have my pictures taken by you 🙂

vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1126 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1140 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1153 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1158 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1183 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1187 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1197 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1207

wedding couple with horse vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_5PP3172wedding couple with horse

I have mentioned before that to crate cool wedding images I advice my Vancouver wedding couples to be themselves. I take care of the rest, such best lighting, sceneries, poses and more. If you are not relaxed at any photo session including wedding pictures, the your images will tell the truth about your inner feelings without a blink of the eye. So enjoy it. Looking forward to work with my next couple.

wedding couple with horse vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1276 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1279 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1285 vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1313 wedding couple with horse vancouver-pre-wedding-pictures-on-horse_2PP1321