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Whistler cool ski engagement

Whistler cool ski engagement Whistler cool ski engagement took a place last week when these two ski monkeys a very good friends of ours M+L pulled me up on the top

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding

Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding Vancouver Shia Muslim Wedding in Richmond BC was for myself and my wife Maria a great experience. We had done East Indian weddings before but none

Harrison hot springs wedding

Harrison hot springs wedding Great location combination Princess and Pea B&B for getting ready, White Chapel for the ceremony and Harrison hot springs wedding resort reception. Simply romantic, different and beautiful.

Wedding album sample

Wedding album sample Thank you for taking time to read this blog post about wedding albums. By the way, if you are reading this, there must be a certain connection

Ballerina bride style pictures

Ballerina bride style pictures Today I am posting for you something a bit different. Ballerina bride style pictures from my last week photo shoot. The idea of this whole session was

Prague fashion photo-shoot

Prague fashion photo-shoot Winter break from wedding photography let me cover Prague fashion photo-shoot this year. Amazing location and dream city for a modern bride with taste was my idea after seeing couple test

Fashion model week

Fashion model week Europe. What can have a fashion and wedding shoot in common? Beautiful women to start with. Dresses. And photographers of course. Photograph weddings is completely different from

Romantic Christmas engagement

Romantic Christmas engagement It is not a wedding season yet and still I have a very romantic story to tell. When a man meets a women of his dreams and

Night wedding photography

Night wedding photography   Here is the last – Night wedding photography post from this season weddings for you. Sounds kind of weird at the end of the November, but well

Night wedding formals pictures

Night wedding formals pictures The winter time has come and the days became shorter and the night sceneries took over Vancouver skyline. What for some people might be a bit